Manajemen Jaringan menggunakan Remote Authentication Dial in User Service (RADIUS)

  • Abdul Majid IAIN Pekalongan


Networking  today  is  a  much  needed  service.  Existing  problems include  user  authentication,  hotspot  user  management,  bandwidth  management and  any  unwanted  intruders.  It  is  necessary  to  the development  of  a  network system   that   can   provide   security   for   user   authentication   and   bandwidth management.  Network  development  means  developing  new  systems  and  will replace  the  old  system  or  improve  the  existing  system.  Particularly  the  issue  of authentication and bandwidth. Type of this research is the Applied Research with the  system  development  using  the  NDLC  (Network  Development  Life  Cycle) method.  Data  collection  method  using  interviews,  observation  and  literature study. The Method system  testing  is    adopts  the  ISO  9126  standards  such  as  functionality, reliability, usability and efficiency. This research resulted in the network security system to have a good quality with a percentage of 82.5% and meet the needs of organizations in Pondok Pesantren Madinatunnajah.